Joe Who?

Joseph Trashereaux, otherwise known as Joe Trashy, is Chief Trash Collector at Joe has been proudly giving out various kinds of advice – some say good, some say bad – for over 20 years now.

Joe is a proud Canjun with deep roots in Southern Louisiana. As a two time divorcee with 6 children between 3 different women (one out of wedlock) it goes without saying that Joe has a wealth of life experience and advice to pass along to those that care to ask and listen.

When Joe is not working the website, he spends his free time hunting and fishing, and listening to music. He loves AC/DC, all things bacon and the letter “Z”. Just because its cool he says.

Joe lives in a trailer home with his cousin Bobbie Joe and his dog Roscoe in Cutoff, Louisiana. Yes its an actual city.