Walmart Pic Of The Day

I wonder how long he stayed like this. Probably until closing time.

This Will Absolutely Make You Cry. Girl With Heart Disease Gets...

This is a real tearjerker. If this doesn't touch your heart, then you're not human.

Creepiest Viral Video Yet. Lost VHS Shows The Creep Show

Old footage left behind on a camcorder purchased at a thrift store shows a never before creep show. This is not for the faint...

Epic Tattoo Fail

Yet another bad tattoo. Say hello to this PROME queen.....probably time for her to visit the laser tattoo clinic don't you think?

Heart Warming: Watch This Girl Meet Her Kitty After 3 Years

This is today's heart warming story of the day. Watch this young girl meet her kitty after 3 long years of not seeing it....

Peru Is The Hot Bed Of Alien Sightings

The gas station security camera captures something strange and mysterious. There have been a large number of UFO and alien sightings in Peru lately....

Warning: This Will Make You Puke

Don't watch this if you have a sensitive stomach. Gotta be one of the sickest things i've ever seen. Has do things like this...

For All You Crazy Nutella Fans. Nutella Stuffed Donut Holes

Joe Trashy says Nutella should be its own food group. Anyone agree with that? I eat it straight out of the jar. Check this...

Emergency, Emergency Call 911. Back Waxing Urgently Needed

Either a serious back waxing, or a hair stylist desperately needed.

Watch Man Create Mega Tsunami

Yes indeed man can create his own tsunami. Click and watch the video

Warning: Never, Ever Try This At Home

Guns are dangerous and not for kids. Joe Trashy says keep 'em locked up!

Walmart Person of the Day

Its a HE, no its a SHE. Maybe its an IT. I never get tired of these pics.

Brave Lion Cub Does Something Unexpected….Until…

Watch this brave tiger cub wake his momma up from a nap. It will make your day.

Alien Life and UFOs. Proof We Are Not Alone

Watch the video. Are these pictures of alien visitors to earth? We might never know.

Joe Trashy’s Drunken Celebrity Pic of the Day: David Hasselhoff

Not one of David's prouder moments. I'm sure of that.

Click Here to See KFC Accidentally Revealing Top Secret Recipe

You know the hot shame you feel when you accidentally say something catty and realize you can never take it back? That's a little...

Epic Tattoo Failure

Yeah you're a LEDgend allright. More proof that we're surrounded by idiots.